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Prime Management provides the most straight forward and efficient method to permanently eliminate your timeshare obligation.

We are the only company that provides you a proven strategy to permanently eliminate any timeshare obligation in 90 days or less.  If you just want out as quickly and efficiently as possible, our Quick Exit plan is your best choice.

We stand behind our services with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Quick Exit

This service is designed for a quick exit out of your timeshare

1)      We guarantee the sale and transfer of your property

2)      We permanently eliminate all your related obligations

3)      We complete this service in 90 days or less GUARANTEED

For clients with a tax liability, Prime Management offers an exclusive and legal strategy to regain losses associated with your timeshare ownership. We are the only company that shows you and your tax advisor exactly how to maximize the new tax code to your benefit. If you have a tax burden and would like to dramatically reduce your taxes as a result of selling your timeshare, our Tax Advantage Plan is for you.

Tax Advantage Plan

This service is designed for clients with tax liabilities and would like a quick exit out of their timeshare while reaping the rewards of certain tax write offs

1)      We guarantee the sale and transfer of your property

2)      We permanently eliminate all your related obligations

3)      We show you and your advisor exactly how the new tax code allows you to legally use your sold timeshare property to reduce your tax liability

4)      We guide you through the required federal tax code compliance

5)      We assist you and/or your tax advisor on completing the required IRS Forms

6)      We complete this service in 9 MONTHS or less GUARANTEED

With a few clicks you can find many timeshare “exit” companies with big promises, famous celebrities, fancy websites, long processes and even lengthy paperwork. Some do deliver on the services they offer, all of them are much more expensive than they need to be. Companies make is sound difficult, scary, challenging, time consuming, etc. when eliminating your timeshare obligation is done right and for a fair value for the consumer, it really is not that difficult. That is where Prime Management shines, we are here to serve you.

Call us today for a NO OBLIGATION 30-minute conversation (623) 404-2777,  you will be very happy you did!


Read what our clients are saying about our services:

Your staff is helpful and friendly, and they take their time to explain everything to us.”- M. Borita

“ As far as anyone should be concerned your company lives up to the promises made, for example; we wrote of my cost to Prime, we depreciated our membership, every time we email the company the response is very quick. We would and do recommend Prime Management and Rentals, LLC 100%!” - J. Garcia

“I am happy to say the service you have provided my customers has been fantastic. My largest issues your company seems to overcome with ease.” - J. Rayburn  

“Your staff has been excellent and very quick to respond to my email requests and the service aspect was as you described. I am 100% satisfied and do recommend my friends who own memberships to contact your company as well.” – M. Wendland